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  • Strategy & Organization: Procedure and Standard Work Development / Strategic planning / Process Safety Optimization / Training
  • Corporate development: In most markets, management has to adjust to ever-faster changes. This requires a permanent strategic development of the company-from light adjustments to the most radical decisions
  • Operational management: Operations management refers to the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization​
  • ​Sustainability: We need to address the diverse challenges-such as the increasing demand for energy and resources or the loss of soil and species-with comprehensive, long-term Solutions
  • Client representation: Representation of the builder to the Client / Comprehensive perception of the interests of the Client / Entire commercial and technical representation of the builder / Respect for the rights and obligations of the builder / Contact with authorities / Conduct and document project Meetings / Periodic reporting to the builder, immediate notification of target deviations / Controlling the milestones agreed with the contractor
  • Business Coaching: Location determination, career advice and professional reorientation / Strategy implementation and monitoring of change processes / Development of Leadership competencies / Improving the work potential, efficiency and communication / Monitoring of conflict situations and Mediation / Dealing with stress, pressure and changing requirements / Dealing and conflicts with employees

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